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Resources We Offer

  • Civil engineers and Supervisors .
  • Electrical engineers and Supervisors
  • Mechanical-engineers and Supervisors
  • Instrumentation engineers and Supervisors
  • Welding supervisors
  • Land Surveyors with Equipments
  • Civil/Structural QC Inspectors
  • Architectural & Building Inspectors
  • Multi Discipline QC Inspectors
  • Welding Engineers
  • Welding Inspector Tanks (API Certified)
  • Welding inspectors (CSWIP 3.1 & 3.2 certified)
  • Painting Inspectors–
  • Offshore & Onshore (NACE & BGAS Certified)
  • E&I QC Inspectors
  • Calibration specialists
  • Cathodic Protection inspectors
  • Corrosion engineers
  • Equipment Inspectors (Rotating & Static)
    and more……
  • Safety officers
  • Safety supervisors


We manage the professional registration and visa processes to ensure the arrival, and ready to start work, in the shortest possible time. Coordination of flights, accommodation on arrival, transfers to your final destination, opening bank accounts, organizing a local SIM card for phone and more. We offer a tailored solution for each client, understanding that contractors / employees are often signed to different terms with varying pay rates, leave cycles, expense agreements etc.

CV response to our clients within 24 hours.

Strong Database of hundreds of CV’s in the industry.

High level negotiations and confidentiality.

CV’s are only released following the first hand scrutiny.